All first year undergraduates are advised by Prof. Chris Lent ( First year EE students are encouraged to discuss their studies and future plans with any full-time EE faculty.

After the first year, EE students select an advisor from among the full-time EE faculty. The selected advisor may change from one semester to another, but during any single registration cycle, only one faculty member should be approached to approve the set of courses.

The exception to this rule is that all EE students on academic probation are advised by Prof. Sam Keene, the EE representative to the Committee on Academic Standards of the school of engineering.

All EE students are required to join an email google group in order to receive important information from the department faculty. Only EE students and full-time EE faculty are members of this group, and only faculty may post to this group.
For the 2015-16 academic year, the group name is: cunerds1516
In addition, all EE senior and master students are required to join a second email group: cubignerds1516
Contact the department chair, Prof. Fred L. Fontaine ( for instructions on joining these groups.


Every Master student is advised by a full-time EE faculty member. This advisor is responsible for approving the set of courses used to fulfill the requirements for the master degree.

For students following the thesis option, this advisor is also the thesis advisor. If a student has not yet selected a thesis advisor, he or she should identify an interim EE faculty advisor, who would approve courses for registration purposes.

Subject to the approval of the EE department chair and the full-time EE thesis advisor, a student may identify a second person who is not a full-time EE faculty member to serve as a thesis co-advisor.