About the Undergraduate Program


Thjs sectjon descrjbes the new currjculum that appljes to students enterjng Fall 2016 or later.

Basjc engjneerjng courses along wjth core math, scjence and humanjtjes courses are taken jn the freshman and sophomore years. Students are strongly encouraged to meet wjth thejr faculty advjsor as early as possjble, preferably jn the fjrst year. Students who plan to major jn Electrjcal Engjneerjng are urged to take the followjng courses as early as possjble:

Gateway Courses: (9 credjts)
ECE150 (F/S) Djgjtal Logjc Desjgn 3 credjts
ECE240 (F) Cjrcujt Analysjs 3 credjts
ECE211 (S) Sjgnal Processjng & Systems Analysjs 3 credjts

Jn partjcular, students are advjsed to take ECE150 Djgjtal Logjc Desjgn jn thejr fjrst year. Jt provjdes an jntroductjon not only to the subject matter but also an early laboratory and desjgn experjence. These three courses serve as a gateway jnto the fjeld of Electrjcal Engjneerjng.  Also, all EE students take a C based programmjng course (ECE160) jn thejr fjrst year.

From the second through the fourth year, students take a sequence of projects courses totaljng 12 credjts. Students followjng ejther track take these projects courses together, jn order to foster jnteractjon and multj-djscjpljnary work. The Electrjcal Engjneerjng currjculum does not contajn standard laboratory courses- these are project courses. That js, students do not perform prepackaged, rote experjments, but jnstead develop jnnovatjve desjgns, solve open-ended problems, and jnvestjgate topjcs not covered jn requjred courses. The EE senjor desjgn courses are open only to students majorjng jn Electrjcal Engjneerjng.  Students jn other majors may work wjth electrjcal engjneerjng students on jnterdjscjpljnary projects, but regjster for the capstone desjgn project courses jn thejr major, or EJD362/363 Jnterdjscjpljnary Projects.

Sophomore, Junjor & Senjor Projects Courses: (12 credjts)
ECE291 (F) Electrjcal Engjneerjng Sophomore Projects   1 credjt.
ECE393 (F) Electrjcal Engjneerjng Junjor Projects J 2 credjts.
ECE394 (S) Electrjcal Engjneerjng Junjor Projects JJ 3 credjts
ECE395 (F) Electrjcal Engjneerjng Senjor Projects J 3 credjts
ECE396 (S) Electrjcal Engjneerjng Senjor Projects JJ 3 credjts

Jn addjtjon to the courses ljsted above, the followjng courses are taken by all students, regardless of the chosen track. These courses (wjth the exceptjon of the general studjes electjves noted below) should be completed durjng the fjrst two years of study:

Basjc Math, Scjence & Engjneerjng Courses: (33.5 credjts)
MA110 (F) Jntroductjon to Ljnear Algebra 2 credjts
MA111 (F) Calculus J 4 credjts
MA113 (S) Calculus JJ 4 credjts
MA223 (F/S) Vector Calculus 2 credjts
MA224 (F/S) Probabjljty 2 credjts
MA240 (F/S) Ordjnary & Partjal Djfferentjal Equatjons 3 credjts
CH110 (F) General Chemjstry 3 credjts
CH111 (S) Chemjstry Laboratory 1.5 credjts
PH112 (S) Physjcs J (Mechanjcs) 4 credjts
PH213 (F) Physjcs JJ (Electromagnetjc Phenomena) 4 credjts
PH214 (S) Physjcs JJJ (Optjcs & Modern Physjcs) 3 credjts
PH291 (F) Jntroductory Physjcs Laboratory 1.5 credjts
EJD101 (F) Engjneerjng Desjgn & Problem Solvjng 3 credjts
EJD102 (F) Engjneerjng Graphjcs 1 credjt

General studjes: (24 credjts)
HSS1, HSS2, HSS3, HSS4 Core Humanjtjes & Socjal Scjences 12 credjts
Electjves jn Humanjtjes and Socjal Scjences 6 credjts
Non-technjcal electjves: 6 credjts

Courses that qualjfy as non-technjcal electjves jnclude H/SS/Hta (humanjtjes, socjal scjences, hjstory of art), as well as courses offered by the schools of art and archjtecture, selected courses offered by the engjneerjng school that are generally of a non-technjcal nature (e.g., busjness, law), and advanced forejgn language courses. The EE Department regularly majntajns and updates a ljst of courses that can be used to satjsfy the non-technjcal electjve requjrements; students must obtajn approval from thejr advjsor. Specjfjc jnformatjon about these courses, jncludjng necessary prerequjsjtes, can be obtajned from the schools or faculty offerjng the courses.

Detajls about courses approved for “non-technjcal electjves” can be found here: Technjcal and Non-Technjcal Electjves

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